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The Chastity Game

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This is a simple game that me and a few online friends started a while ago.

Goal of the game: To stay in the game as many turns in one row as you can.

It's basically about chastity. In the sense of this game, chastity means no orgasms. You are allowed one, and exactly ONE orgasm on certain specified days. (i sometimes call them O-days to have a fancy name.) To make it more interesting, you are only allowed to have your orgasm at a specified time... where the definition of "specified" is mostly up to you, but you have to describe it when you join. Mine is: directly after waking up, before standing up.

The intervals between those days increase turn by turn -- one day more with each turn.

You can enter the game at any given time. If you have an unwarranted orgasm, you can choose to EITHER leave the game immediately, OR enter a little "rehabilitation scheme": masturbate daily as close to orgasm as possible, and then re-enter the game after TWO turns (i.e., on the third O-Day.

We obviously can't control each other. The game is based on honesty.

We're in the fifth turn now. The next O-Day is tomorrow, Sat, March 13th.

The game ends when the last person who's still in it has an orgasm.

Since the game has restarted just now, this is a little table of our O-Days:

0 Sat, 10.7.
1 Sun, 11.7.
2 Tue, 13.7.
3 Fri, 16.7.
4 Tue, 20.7.
5 Sun, 25.7.
6 Sat, 31.7.
7 Sat, 7.8.
8 Sun, 15.8.
9 Tue, 24.8.
10 Fri, 3.9.